Work > Recent paintings on panel

Acrylic gouache, graphite, colored pencil on gessoed panel
20 x 16"

Found language text: Quality in light you can see / Strong / Flexible / Original / Opaque / Differs from others in many important particulars / Deep / Fresh / Kiln-dried / Beveled / Erases without ghosting / Divided systematically into various narrow fields / Any pronunciation may be safely used / Maximum lightfastness / A true social purpose / Data presented in a clear, readily intelligible manner / Actual sizes are given / Relevant and basic facts needed today are included / Will reduce the chance of warping over time / Clear examples / Extra creamy / Slots for easy hanging / The risk of material loss is considered remote / Translucent /The purest and finest ingredients / Formulated in accordance with the findings of modern scholarship / Hand-splined staple free edges / The latest record of current usage / Ironclad one hundred percent guarantee / Specially designed / Made like no other