Work > Recent work on panel

Acrylic gouache, colored pencil, ink, graphite on gessoed panel
16 x 12 inches

No one can change the past, we cannot say for certain, sources cannot be disclosed here, this is not an isolated event, victims typically do not realize until it is too late, voting could only take place in certain districts, studies apply inadequate designs, fundamental rights violations are common, we will not be back, yes this really could have happened, the procedure is necessary, we now believe that only force can make him leave, that has not been the case, evidence indicates otherwise, policy is rarely discussed, bad things happen, there was some confusion in the rollout of this, the person in question is unavailable, you are not among the candidates selected, exclusive rights have been sold, few options exist as of the present, only those with tickets may proceed further, no solutions have been discovered, a happy ending is highly unlikely, circumstances no longer allow any changes, no increase in citizens’ well-being is expected

Phrases preceded by regrettably, from news reports and other sources