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Acrylic gouache, ink, graphite on gessoed panel
24 x 18 inches

Advise, be calm, behave respectfully, confirm your identity, call for assistance, do not hold doors, donate now, enjoy your stay, eat as much as you like, enter quietly, excuse me, excuse typos, excuse the mess, excuse my French, excuse typos, forgive me, forget it, find your assigned seat, fill in the blanks, fix it, give generously, go away, help yourselves, have some more, help me out, have a heart, hold my hand, identify yourself, itemize expenses, inspect carefully, imagine the outcome, join us, jump in if you have questions, just wait your turn, keep us informed, keep the nature of this offer confidential, let us know of any changes, leave the hallway light on, let me know your thoughts, make a contribution right now, make yourself at home, make sure door is locked and bolted behind you, not this again, name your poison, never change, number each item by priority, open the windows, quiet down, remit payment, remember to return your lunchbox, return this to the office before leaving, read all instructions carefully, remove shoes before entering, send us updates on your work, sign pages as indicated, save your used containers, see below, stop
(Found language, phrases and sentences preceded by "Please")