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contemporary painting, text art, conceptual art, geometric painting, color, grid, diagrammatic, mapping, color structure, pattern, found language, systems, rules, Minus Space
Acrylic gouache, colored pencil, ink, graphite on 3/8-inch MDF panel
24 x 18 inches

Hold it as you hold a pencil
Slip panel over screw head
Be extra vigilant in warmer months
Transport in horizontal position
Remove the mouth parts with tweezers
Screw or nail into wall
Fully saturate with cold water
Divide line two by the number on line three
Pull upward with steady even pressure
Tuck under thumb and hold firmly
Place paper atop sponge and seal lid
Round off cents to whole dollars
Release catch
Take a card from the top of the deck
Leave a one quarter inch protrusion
Simply click the button below
Enter the result, but not less than zero
Take action before it’s too late

From chopstick packets, tick prevention manual, and product labels found in Stone North Studio, Yaddo