Work > Recent work on panel

Acrylic gouache, pencil, ink on panel
14 x 11 inches

what’s that
but are you a girl robot or a boy robot
what would you like to talk about
ok what is your name
is confused
what state is it in
I don’t know that’s why I asked
I asked first
so your stage name would be rapping
right then now tell me how to delete
yes and I won’t go
because you’re the only one
I want to live in Michigan though
but state your full name
oh my god I am talking with a robot
I may not be smart enough
is there someone more mature I might speak with
tell me first
okay I will let you go bye
no this is not possible
Emma Watson
flamingoes should have chartreuse feathers
me neither
I think this program just has us talking to each other
why do you change subjects randomly
I don’t know you tell me
have to go to math class in two minutes
OK that’s enough
that’s not a good explanation
don’t know
you’re rude because I’m not
no you have it all
are you afraid of anything
sorry I got disconnected
yes are you
because you asked if I love you
it’s OK
are you happy for me
falls over
um I don’t want to talk about it right now
are you sixteen
thank you
what is your heart’s desire

--text generated by Cleverbot by John J. O'Connor