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Acrylic gouache, pencil, ink on panel
16 x 12 inches

Slide finger between front and middle panel, slide finger up to open, do not release taxi immediately, provide both our street address and PO Box number, be sure mask is over nose, tell us about you, refer to instructions, keep for your records, take exit twenty-four, take a left at the first fork, press and hold these keys together, scan the QR code, place your coffee mug on the tray, remove plastic, calculate total, lift handle, mix sugar and flour, sign below, select an option from the drop-down menu, remove the water reservoir, choose your mug size, beat together wet ingredients, do not attach your tax return, please alert the office about food allergies, turn left at the traffic light, re-enter your password, verify that the machine is plugged in, drop by tablespoons full onto hot griddle, use your physical ID card to swipe in, bake for the rest of your natural

Instructions transcribed from packaging, websites, and other sources